Getting started with V2rayNG Proxy Android GUI for beginner


What is v2rayNG?

V2rayNG is a V2Ray client under the Android platform, which supports a variety of proxy protocols, such as VMess, VLESS, Trojan, Socks, Shadowsocks and other proxy protocols. support Xray core and v2fly core and others.

V2rayNG repository address:

Features of v2rayNG


Compiled binary packages can be found via the following links.

Github Release: | the latest version download | GooglePlay download

Novice Guide

First start Server on your vps

You need a server outside the firewall to run V2Ray on the server side. The configuration is as follows:

    "inbounds": [
            "port": 10086, // server listening port
            "protocol": "vmess",
            "settings": {
                "clients": [
                        "id": "b831381d-6324-4d53-ad4f-8cda48b30811"
    "outbounds": [
            "protocol": "freedom"

To successfully connect, you need to make sure that the id and port are consistent with the client in the server configuration.

Run v2rayNG in mobile

start v2rayNG and add server

Start proxy

add a server and select server then click ‘✔️’ to start v2rayNG.


All in all, this program is a bit complicated at first but provides you with a great way to tunnel your traffic on the Internet by utilizing an array of different networking protocols and connecting to your selected server.